This project was carried out in 2004 for Warwick District Council.
External decoration works consisted of carefully burning off existing paint work, filling and preparation and re-puttying of the windows.

The woodwork was then painted using a four coat flexible paint system, to completely protect and re store the ornamental windows to their former glory.

Internally, within the banqueting hall we worked closely with local historians, as we sought to replicate as closely as possible the original period colours that were used in past times.

As well as incorporating modern decorating techniques to transform the dated décor our tradesmen restored the marble effect used on the decorative columns and hand painted with artist brush the decorative shields visible.

A lovely intricate project to work on, both our client and ourselves were delighted with the finished works.

Ten years on and the works we carried out are still in excellent condition- a testament to how seriously we take our standards and reputation.